Springfree vs Spring Trampoline: Making the Ultimate Pick

Springfree vs Spring Trampoline

You have two general options when it comes to trampolines: the traditional type or the springless variety. The Springfree vs spring trampoline debate has been raging on for quite a while now, especially with the increase of the equipment’s recreational use. As trampolines have been long established to come with risks, it makes sense that parents are looking for ways ... Read More »

Trampoline Without Springs And How Much It Cost

How Much is a Springfree Trampoline

As some people say, when it comes to trampolines, it’s the springs that make the magic happen. The amount of force put on the springs determines the resulting bounce, making them integral components of the said leisure equipment. However, springs also tend to be one of the most dangerous parts of these playthings. Their movements and construction can hurt jumpers ... Read More »

Best Trampoline Poles Review


Anyone who owns a trampoline most likely knows about the dangers the bouncy equipment comes with. They can lead to serious injuries so it’s an absolute must to observe safety measures with its use. Having a reliable set of safety accessories is a good way to ensure this. An enclosure net is one of the best examples of these add-ons ... Read More »

Best 17 Foot Oval Trampoline Review

Best 17 Foot Oval Trampoline Review

It’s no secret that when it comes to trampolines, the bigger the unit is, the more fun it can offer. The bigger play area will let you try more tricks and activities as there’s just more room for movement. However, the size isn’t the only thing that can make a trampoline more enjoyable. Its shape can also affect how much ... Read More »

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