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AirZone Trampoline Reviews

When it comes to affordable trampolines, the name AirZone is one that quickly comes to mind, and their slogan “A Leader in Family Fun” is well deserved. The company has consistently manufactured high-quality trampolines and for a first-time buyer, deciding what to get can be difficult. And if you are looking for airzone trampoline reviews then you have come to the right place.

To help you out we’ve reviewed their top 3 trampolines.


All of these trampolines pass the ASTM standards so you are assured of their safety and reliability. Furthermore, all of their trampolines are resistant to rust, and the landing mat has full UV protection. In addition, all of their products have protective padding and the PVC material is weather resistant.

AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

AirZone Trampoline Reviews


Here are its main features:

The AirZone 55 inch model can provide hours of exercise and fun for kids, and thanks to the enclosure system ensure their safety. Equipped with a bungee cord suspension system, the AirZone 55 inch takes the concept of safety to another level.

  • The trampoline is fitted with a padded cover and the enclosure archway entry can be zipped open easily. A look at the design also shows the support poles are layered with foam, adding another level of protection. Just like the other AirZone trampolines, this one has been tested by independent labs and proven to be safe.
  • The company placed great emphasis on safety, and this is apparent from the design of the bungee cord as it is specially made for children.
  • AirZone has long been known for their easy to assemble products, and this one is no exception. You don’t have to use drills or get other tools to set it up.
  • Every AirZone unit comes with a warranty, and for this model, it’s good for one year.

Because of its low price, the major concern among buyers is its durability, and if it can withstand regular use by kids. The answer to this question is yes it can. This doesn’t mean the net won’t give way if kids decide to rip it, but if they’re just going to jump, the unit will last a long time, and for that alone it offers good value for money.

  • Well designed
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Meets all the required safety standards
  • The net and poles cannot be removed easily
  • The net could have been more durable

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline


AirZone Trampoline Reviews

Here are its main features:

Band Fitness is one of the most affordable yet enjoyable trampolines available, and its use of a proven elastic band technology is a good choice as it’s more secure than standard metal springs. However, that’s not all as the Mini Band has a few more features worth mentioning.

  • The jump mat is made of woven polypropylene, the same material that is used in full-scale trampolines, and this only goes to show how durable it is. It’s no secret that one of the most frequent complaints with low-cost trampolines is they break down easily and don’t provide any safety measures, but this one does.
  • There’s a padded skirt that provides cover for the outer edge of the frame and the elastic bands too. In spite of all these features, the trampoline is still one of the easiest to assemble.
  • While this trampoline is built for fun, it’s also good for exercise and it doesn’t negatively impact the joints. This can be attributed to its safety design, which is rugged yet simple.
  • Very affordable
  • Works well for cardio exercises
  • The design is simple but effective
  • Spacious
  • This trampoline is for beginners only
  • Not as stable as more full featured trampolines

AirZone 8-Feet Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure


AirZone Trampoline Reviews


Here are its main features:

One of the more popular AirZone trampolines online, this product shares a lot of features with the company’s other trademark products, but it does have certain characteristics that are uniquely its own.

  • This model has several features, but the highlight here is the newly designed entrance and enclosure. Both of these are patented and ensure the person jumping doesn’t end up near the mat’s edge where he or she could fall.
  • All the major components of the trampoline are made of steel so even when it’s used on a consistent basis, it won’t break.
  • The trampoline has 4 legs shaped like the letter W, and together they provide 8 contact points with the ground for increased stability. There is also a spring rail and T-joint, no-weld construction that further fortifies the structure.
  • The warranty is good for one year, similar to other AirZone products, and with its durable design, it should last much longer than that, if maintained properly.

This trampoline has all the features you would expect from an AirZone product such as reliability and safety. Unlike other products, you can use this indoors and outdoors, and performance is the same both ways. It also helps that the trampoline has a spring cover pad and netting.

  • Sturdily built
  • Assembly does not require any drilling or additional tools
  • Safety features are properly implemented
  • Most reviews are positive
  • You need to follow the assembly directions closely
  • The trampoline is a lot closer to the ground than what you may have liked

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best AirZone Trampoline

AirZone trampolines may not be as popular as other brands but with its budget-friendly price tag, you can be guaranteed that it’s still worth a shot. They have a lot of different products to offer, so it can certainly be a solid choice for a lot of households.

How do you choose from the AirZone Trampoline selection, though? Here’s a quick guide that can help you out.

Get to know your options.

First off, it’s best to know the selection of AirZone Trampoline. This way, you know what your options are.

Unfortunately, AirZone Trampoline does not have a website that you can check out. Their products are largely available in most e-commerce websites, though. So a quick search can still give you a list of what products are available.

Choose the type of trampoline you need.

Once you know what the brand has to offer, it will be likely that you’ll also easily find yourself attracted to certain items. Before deciding on one, though, it’s best to assess what your needs are.

AirZone offers mini-rebounders, kiddie trampolines, and regular trampolines so you have a wide range of options from the brand. Assess which will be the best match for the purpose you have in mind so you can be sure to bring home the right product for you.

Decide on the size you need.

Just like with any other trampoline brand, you should also decide on the trampoline size that you should get. Factor in the space you have at home and the purpose of the play equipment and you’ll be able to make a good call on how big or small your unit should be.

Look closely at the weight limit.

AirZone Trampolines come with varying weight limits. Some of its bigger varieties have modest weight capacities so make sure to take note of this.

Read reviews.

Last but not least, make sure to read product reviews. These can be the most reliable sources of information regarding a product’s performance so don’t skip them. They might just contain the information that can make or break your decision.

Final Verdict

If your primary consideration is the cost, the Mini Band Fitness Trampoline is your best bet among the three as it costs less than 30 dollars.

However, the AirZone 55-Inch and the AirZone 8-Feet Outdoor Spring Trampoline have safety enclosures for additional protection, something that the Mini Band doesn’t offer. All three have mostly positive reviews but overall reviews the Mini Band leads the way with over 700 whereas the 55 inch has only 160 and the AirZone 8-Feet has just over 40.

However, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.


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