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8 Tips on How to Get the Best Deals on Trampolines

So you want to buy a trampoline?

That’s understandable. They’re great fun, they provide kids with a distraction for hours, and people can even get in some exercise.

But what’s really fun is if you can get the best deals on trampolines. After all, why pay more if you don’t have to, right?

Of course, we don’t mean that you should just get the cheapest trampolines you can find. What we mean is that you do your research, and read the reviews and expert recommendations.

Find the ones with the best size and with the necessary safety features. Pick a brand and model that best fits your needs and preferences, and then you can try to find the cheapest price for that model.


best deals on trampolines

So here are some tips to help you out:

Go buy online

Almost always, the price online will be lower than what you can find in a retail store. After all, there’s no overhead. There’s no expensive rent, no sales agent to employ, and no electrical utilities to pay for. All these savings are passed on to you.

Check the manufacturer’s website

The manufacturer must have a website, by the way. Every company—especially a manufacturer that produces a product with safety issues—must have a website. If it doesn’t, then pick another model! In this day and age, not having a website means something fishy is going on.

When you do get to the website, take note of the price, the cost of delivery, the warranty, and the model number. The price and delivery total cost will be your baseline.

best deals on trampolines

Check other websites

That’s what Google is for. Enter your brand name and model, along with the model number, and check out the websites listed. This is like comparison shopping, except it’s much easier since you’re doing it online instead of legging it from one retail store to another.

Here your usual suspects are Amazon and other notable e-commerce websites, plus the online stores of well-known retail stores. You’ll have to be diligent and patient because for the best deals on trampolines you’ll have to visit each and every one of them. To minimize the work, you can limit yourself to the first page results on Google.

You can also check the product review website like this Best Trampoline Reviews.

Look at the prices

Now here’s how you get a great deal. It’s just a simple matter of noting which site offers the lowest prices. If you’re outside the US, make sure that the site converts the price to your currency (and that your currency is acceptable).

The catch is that you also have to check the delivery price as well. Sometimes it’s not listed, so you need to find out. It can be a very nasty surprise if you have to pay for delivery and you didn’t account for it in your budget. In some sites, the delivery may be free.

best deals on trampolines

Is it new?

This goes without saying, but let’s be sure. It’s not a good idea to buy a used trampoline, because of safety and durability issues. It doesn’t matter how cheap they are. They’re just too risky. You don’t just waste your money, but you risk your health.

Does it deliver to your location?

Some websites may not deliver to your site, and some sellers may also not offer their wares to buyers in your location. So double-check, and again confirm the delivery fee.

Who is the seller?

It’s great if the manufacturer itself is selling their product through another website like Amazon. You can then be sure that you’re getting the genuine article and that the warranty applies.

But if it’s not the original seller, take note of who they are. Do research on their reputation, and of course, read the reviews.

A lot of Amazon reviews tell a lot about the delivery. They say how long it takes and if the packaging prevented any damage to the parts. They also say if they’re missing some items when they get their purchase.

How’s customer service?

Here it covers the warranty, and how well they respond to your issues. Again, read the reviews thoroughly. Great customer service can help with the assembly, for replacing parts, and for returning items.

So enjoy your trampoline and also enjoy the fact that you got your money’s worth with these best deals on trampolines!

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