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Best Trampoline Exercises | Complete Guide For The Exercise With Fun!

Trampoline exercise is also commonly known as rebounding. It is one form of exercise that claims to have a fitness effectivity rate of about 70 percent according to a study conducted by the National Air and Space Administration or NASA on their astronauts back in 2006.

The main reason why it is more effective is that it causes less stress on bones and joints and is more effective in eliminating calories and making the heart and lungs stronger.Trampoline exercise

Before knowing the huge benefits of trampoline exercise, I would like to tell you some health benefits of skating. If you want to do exercise with enjoyment like trampoline exercise, you can also try skateboarding, which will obviously improve your muscle strength, lung power, stamina, and balancing skills. It also reduces body fat tremendously. If you like skateboarding and want to buy one, I will suggest you to take a look on this blog about reviews on different types of skateboards and longboards http://www.skateboardlab.com

Best trampoline exercises you can try at home


The basic bounce is the most common exercise using a trampoline. However, the amount of benefit you get depends on how high you can jump. The higher you jump, the more effort you exert. This results in more calories burned. It does not stop with height either.

You can also get something from landing. Landing makes the muscles in your body react, adjust and get ready for the next jump making your muscles stronger. Aside from these, one can also develop better balance while in mid-air.


The weightless mid-air dance can be done while performing the regular up and down movement on a trampoline. All one has to do is to go on the trampoline and jump up and down with a twist. The twist happens when he reaches that point when he is suspended in mid-air and performs some dance moves with his extremities or even the torso.

These must be quick movements. It can involve the torso through twisting, or the extremities like kicking and giving the knees an embrace. Moves should be simple to do to eliminate the possibility of injury. One other thing is that this is best done while playing a good dance music.

The Best Trampoline Exercises for Fitness

There are a number of exercise trampoline workouts that have been proven to be effective in making a person fitter, healthier and stronger. Take a look at the below trampoline exercises:

1. Running on air is one form of exercise that you can do while jumping on a trampoline. The main reason why this is a good exercise is that it combines jumping with a little bit of running in mid-air. The first thing that you will have to do is to stand still at the center of the trampoline.

Then, start jumping low gradually increasing the height of your jumps towards the maximum. This allows you to control your balance as you gain height. Once you reach your maximum height, try landing on one foot then, as you go back up, lift your opposite knee to your chest and extend that foot down to land on it. Do this on three minute sets. As you go on, you can prolong the time of this exercise. This strengthens your legs aside from your cardiovascular system.

2. Flapping while bouncing is another excellent fitness trampoline exercise that will surely develop your arm muscles to the maximum. This combines your basic trampoline bounce and some up and down, sideways arm movements.

Trampoline exerciseTo perform this workout, you need to start like the way you start out when doing the running in air exercise. When you reach the maximum height of your jump, extend your arms starting from the hips all the way up over your head. In other words, you will be flapping like a bird.

The jumping will obviously benefit your legs. However, the flapping motion will actually make it a complete body work out since it will strengthen your upper body muscles, especially the obliques, the arms, the chest and the back areas. The good thing about it is that the flapping action receives some resistance from the air and gravity thus there is a need to exert effort into each flap. Another thing is that this exercise can be easily done by anyone regardless of age and gender. But just like with any form of exercise, you must observe safety at all times.

Losing Tummy Fat with the Help of a Small Exercise Trampoline

If you are one of those who feel that you need to take a few inches off your mid section, you should perform exercises that burn fat from all parts of your body. There are certain exercises that indeed isolate the abdominal muscles like crunches and sit-ups.

However, these have proven to be very hard to do and sometimes do not produce the desired results. The best way to eliminate body fat from your mid section is to use a small exercise trampoline. This type of trampoline is best used in performing mid level force exercises.

Trimming your belly actually starts off with the simple jumping motions.  But this time, do it for about five minutes so that this routine can effectively address the fats in your tummy area. No need to jump high really. The main thing here is to keep your belly tucked in, plant your soles and heels hard each time you land, and keep your shoulders low as you go through the whole routine.

One important thing to remember is to alternately bend your knees for the next four minutes. This movement isolates your core muscles but at the same time burns calories throughout your body. At this point, you can integrate any type of arm movement just as long you maintain your balance.

Choosing the Best Trampoline Exercise Video

Exercise videos will teach you how to perform each workout so they’re very crucial in helping you achieve your fitness goals. But more than that, these videos should be able to keep inspired and motivated in performing your workouts.  It should be able to help you achieve better health and well being. A trampoline exercise video should serve as the start of a new phase in your life.

There are dozens of options when it comes to trampoline exercise videos. Choose those with a good instructor and easy to follow steps, if you are a beginner. As you go along, you can choose more advanced videos to keep your workouts challenging. Here is one good example:

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