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How to Do the Best Trampoline Tricks Safely

So you want to do tricks with your trampoline?

That’s a fun way to pass the time, just as long as you do it safely. The fact of the matter is that doing tricks and stunts increases the chance of getting hurt. It’s just like football or basketball that way.

Just as you rarely go through life playing football and basketball regularly without getting hurt, you’ll face the same risks with doing the best trampoline tricks. And trampolining is actually a real Olympic sport since 2000. There have even been world championships since 1964.

You can see some videos on YouTube for some cool tricks, as well as videos on Olympic trampolining. But you need to calm down and do this safely.

You can’t just twist your body any which way and expect to succeed right away. You’re likely to hurt yourself first! Just like with everything else, you need to take baby steps.

Best Trampoline Tricks

First Steps

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you actually have a good trampoline to work with. That means it’s fairly new and not 5 years old. It means it was made by a reputable manufacturer. It must have a safety net, and you also need a lot of padding on the frame.

The frame itself should be made of steel. The entire thing must be secured to the ground, and there must be no obstacles ear the jumping area.

Then you should practice by yourself, preferably with someone else standing there by the sideline (and not jumping with you). We’re also going to assume that you’re fairly fit and that you don’t have any health issues that prevent you from doing this.

Best Trampoline Tricks

First Moves

So let’s say you’re a very confident person and you want to start practicing your moves. If you’re already used to jumping up and down with your legs, here are some tricks for beginners:


This is the first and most basic move in trampolining and doing tricks. It’s like dribbling in basketball. You can’t do anything else if you can’t do this.

Fortunately, it’s actually very simple. All you need to do is to bring your knees to your chest and grab them with your hands, and then you straighten out before land. That’s it. To be able to do this, you just need to get some height in your jumps so you have enough time in the air.

Keep practicing this move until it becomes second nature for you. The fast tuck is crucial so that you can the rotation necessary for more advanced moves.

Pike Jump

This time, you bring your knees up, but you keep your legs straight in front of you so you form an “L” with your body. Except you don’t really form an L because you also lean forward with your arms straight out in front of you, with your hand in fists.

Straddle Jump

This is like the pike jump with your legs straight, but you spread them in a “V” position so that it seems like you’re going to land on a horse. Again, you hold and stretch your arms straight forward as far as you can go, while you make fists with your hands.


This time, when you’re high up in the air, you twist your body so that you land facing the opposite direction. That’s a half-twist. A full twist gets you facing in the same direction after you twist.

At first, you’ll make the mistake of twisting from the jumping surface. But you need to do a late twist, meaning you start twisting once you’re in the air, and not as you jump.

Knee drops

This is just like how it sounds. Instead of jumping with your feet, you land and then jump again with your knees.

These are just the basic steps, but they’ll take time to learn. After these, you can try seat drops, doggy drops, front drops and back drops.

Best Trampoline Tricks

More Advanced Tricks

Once you’ve mastered these basic tricks, you can then do them in various sequences.

But for more advanced moves, you really need a proper coach. Check and see if there’s a trampolining class near your location.

Without a coach, the chances of getting hurt are just too high because you don’t have the proper training. It’s like going into battle in Iraq just because you’ve practiced paintball or you’re good in FPS games.

It’s not quite the same thing, okay?

So get a proper coach and enroll in a proper class. After a few months, you can post videos of your best trampoline tricks online!

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