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Exercise Trampoline Reviews – Our Top 3 Pick

A lot of people don’t realize that jumping up and down on a trampoline actually burns a lot of calories. According to WebMD, an hour of jumping on a trampoline burns 320 calories.

What’s great about it is that aside from being an enjoyable activity, it’s also low impact so those with knee or joint problems won’t have to worry about injuring themselves.

To get the most out of your exercise trampoline, you have to have the right equipment. Not any trampoline will do, it has to be designed specifically for workouts.

Having said that, please take a few minutes to read our exercise trampoline reviews so you’ll know their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

The brands and models we have included in this section are essentially some of the best in the fitness trampoline markets. But of course, they’re not perfect. Here’s a run-down of the benefits and drawbacks of each product to help you decide which one is most suitable for your specific needs

Fitness Trampoline


Trampolining, which is basically the act of jumping on a trampoline, offers plenty of benefits. So it’s really not surprising that more and more people are buying them. If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, metabolism and overall health, take a look at the features of the leading exercise trampolines in the market right now:

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch Folding TrampolineUsing this trampoline is a safe and effective way to exercise. Made by a very reputable company in the fitness and leisure industry, this Stamina product ensures quality and value for money.

Here are its main features:

  • It’s fold-able, allowing for easy storage and transport.
  • It has a heavy-duty rebounding surface so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself every time you jump.
  • This trampoline has a 30-band resistance, and each one is 2 inches wide for stability.
  • It’s made from the tough all-steel frame with 6 detachable legs that are rubber tipped.
  • This particular model is very cheap and on Amazon you can buy it for less than $40 which already includes shipping.
  • Its price is basically its main selling point.
  • Other than being affordable
  • the Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline is also easy to assemble.
  • It’s very sturdy and robust despite being cheap.
  • The main complaint regarding this product is that even though its label says it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight, it is better suited for those who are less than 200 lbs. In addition, even though many agree that this trampoline is durable, it still has the tendency to break down after several months of constant use.

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline


This trampoline is from Airzone, a company that has long been known for making quality equipment that are safe to use. All their trampolines are certified by an impartial laboratory passing all the safety requirements of the ASTM. This particular model can support weight of up to 200 lbs.

Here are its main features:

  • It has a simple and rugged design that uses a band technology that has long been proven safe. It doesn’t use metal springs but instead has a safe elastic band technology.
  • Its jump mat has the same material used in full size trampolines (Woven polypropylene).
  • It has a padded skirt which effectively covers the outer frame and the elastic bands.
  • This is another fitness trampoline that is very cheap, in fact, cheaper than the Stamina model we’ve reviewed earlier.
  • You can buy it for less than $30. At that price, you really can’t complain.
  • It’s also easy to set up but only if you have several people helping you.
  • It also has safety features that may often not be present in other fitness trampolines such as the padded edges and lack of springs.
  • This trampoline has a 3.2 stars rating on Amazon, which means the feedback is average. This is most likely because of the bands which tend to break over time.
  • If you decide to buy this, make sure you have 3 strong people in your house because it can be quite dangerous to assemble.

Pure Fun 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Hand Rail

Pure Fun 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Hand RailThis 40-inch trampoline from Pure Fun is a popular choice. It’s been checked and rated for safety.

It is suitable for those who are over 12 years old and it can carry a weight of up to 250 lbs.

Here are its main features:

  • This trampoline comes with an adjustable hand rail which can extend from 39 to 42 inches.
  • It has a padded cover for the frame and springs so you can jump safely.
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • This product boasts of the same quality and construction as full sized trampolines from the same brand.
  • The nice thing about this Pure Fun mini trampoline is that it can be used by kids and adults alike.
  • The adjustable hand rail is very helpful and it keeps users from falling off.
  • It’s very sturdy and you can assemble it in a jiffy.
  • There have been fewer complaints about this product compared to others.
  • One drawback is the price. It’s still cheap at less than $100 but it’s more expensive compared to the previous two we’ve listed.
  • Also there have been some reports that the leg of their Pure Fun 40 inch trampoline broke off after a few months of use even though they were well within the 250 lbs limit.

Final Verdict

Based on the numerous customer reviews for these products, it would appear that the Pure Fun 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Hand Rail is the most durable and stable of the 3 fitness trampolines.

However, it’s also the one with the highest price tag. If your budget is limited however, then you can choose between the Stamina and Airzone trampolines which are also durable and offers superior bounce.

Regardless of your choice, there’s no denying that any of these exercise equipment can effectively help you achieve your fitness goals while having fun at the same time.

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