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Finding The Best 8 Foot Trampoline To Fit All of Your Requirements

A common misconception that prevents people from turning their backyards into fun spaces is that you need a large space to own a trampoline. While you will need some space, it doesn’t have to be a massive one. With the best 8 foot trampoline, even a modest backyard can already be enough for your kids to have a blast.

Due to its size, an 8-foot trampoline won’t need a large open space to be enjoyed. You will still need about two feet of clear space around the unit, so you still need about 14 feet of open area to have one. That’s not really asking for a lot, though, so it can definitely be a good match for a lot of regular homes.Best 8 Foot Trampoline

Owning an 8-foot leisure equipment of this sort isn’t so different from what bigger units can offer. Despite its smaller size, you can be guaranteed that it will be able to provide hours of fun.

The only difference is the need to observe stricter rules on its use is more pressing. This will ensure safety and prevent serious injuries.

The most important thing to do is to be firm in not letting two jumpers use these trampolines at the same time. While this has been a general safety recommendation by the CPSC, not every household follows it if they have a huge trampoline. You can’t be generous like this for a small unit.

Combined with the best 8-foot trampoline, you can be able to make the most out of this equipment without having to worry about the jumper’s safety. So how do you find the right product for your home? Below is a quick guide to help you out.

How to Set Up an 8 Foot Trampoline

Learning how to set up a trampoline is also necessary if you intend to own one. For some people, it can be a deal breaker. As this chore can be too much for some folks, it can be crucial for interested buyers to get to know the process better.

So how do you set up an 8-foot trampoline? Here are the steps:

1. Look for the right spot for your equipment on your property.

The first important step in installing a trampoline in your home is to find the perfect spot for it. To ensure safety, it should be a flat and clear area that’s away from other structures or possible obstructions.

You shouldn’t place it near a wall, fence, or any other structure. You also can’t place it under a washing line or even a covered area. It’s also not recommended to place it on a concrete surface.

As mentioned above, it’s best to have at least 2 feet of clear space around the trampoline. This can help minimize injuries incurred from falling on solid objects.

2. Follow the included instruction manual closely.

Once you find a good spot for your trampoline in your backyard, the next thing you should pay close attention to is the actual assembly of your equipment. You have to be careful in this as a small mistake can cause an injury.

With the intensity of the activities done on trampolines, it’s crucial that it’s set up to handle them properly. Make sure to follow the assembly instructions properly. Do not try to take shortcuts as it’s imperative that these items be put together without a hitch.

3. Don’t forget to anchor the trampoline to the ground.

Don’t make the same mistake of not anchoring your trampoline to the ground. That can result in it being blown away by strong winds or an accident. Preventing the loss of your trampoline or getting a loved one injured is well worth the effort of securing your unit to the ground.

Top Six 8 Foot Trampolines

If you don’t mind the steps involved in the setup process of this equipment, then the next thing to interest you would be your options. Finding the best 8 foot trampoline can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. So to help you out, here are six good options that can give you an idea in what to expect from a quality unit:

 Skywalker 8 foot Trampolines 

From one of the most popular leisure equipment brands is the Skywalker 8 Foot Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline. This item is a common pick for the best 8 foot trampoline options out there not just because of its friendly price tag but also for its extras.Skywalker 8 foot Trampolines

The brand in itself is a top choice for a lot of practical homeowners who want a high-quality product without a hefty price tag. This makes it a great option for 8-foot trampolines as most homes grow out of it after a couple of years. With the friendly price, you won’t have to feel bad about replacing it.

What makes it an even more attractive option is its quality construction. Its heavy gauge steel frame promises sturdiness. Combined with a premium jump mat and a durable spring cover, it can already guarantee that it will be able to withstand regular use. It can handle up to 200 lbs, so it can already suit a lot of users’ requirements.

As a plus, it also comes with a set of dependable safety features and extra accessories. Aside from the stay-put enclosure net feature, it also comes with a soft play basketball hoop and ball. These add-ons provide more ways to have a blast with this equipment.


  • 200-lb weight limit
  • Reinforced t-sockets for upper net enclosure frame stabilization
  • Stay-put enclosure net
  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Soft play basketball hoop and ball included

North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline

Another affordable option is the North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline Set with Safety Enclosure and Ladder. This product is a strong contender among the low-priced picks because it already offers everything you need at a good price.North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline

As the name suggests, it’s a complete set. You won’t need to purchase additional accessories separately as all of the necessities already come in the package. Aside from just including the safety enclosure, though, it also comes with a ladder and cover. These make it an even more convenient option for lots of homeowners.

Having a cover included comes in handy because it can help you keep your unit in good shape. As these things are often left outside all year round, a cover can help minimize the damage that the elements can bring.

The ladder is also convenient to have around. Lots of parents like it because it makes it easier for kids to use the trampoline. However, it’s important not to leave it out as it might let your little ones use the trampoline without your supervision. This innocent activity can pose dangers to your child, so it’s best to try to avoid it entirely.

In terms of quality, this product has a lot to offer. Its 220-lb weight limit is certainly promising. It can guarantee that it can handle your kid’s weight. Some adults can even use it safely to get a good workout.


  • 220-lb weight capacity
  • Galvanized, rust-resistant steel
  • Premium polypropylene mesh
  • Safety net enclosure, cover, and ladder included

Skywalker 8 foot Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Because of its small size, 8-foot trampolines are best suited for young kids. This explains the Skywalker 8 Foot Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo’s overall design. From its low ground clearance to its gap-free enclosure net, it promises to be a safe option for your little one.Skywalker 8 foot Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

One of the most notable things about this product is that its frame sits low to the ground. This makes it safer in case of a fall as it lessens the travel distance from the jump mat to the ground. This can lessen the severity of the fall, making it safer in general.

The design of the enclosure is also a notable detail. For one, it’s meant to be attached to the jump mat so it can minimize the odds of the jumper landing on the springs. Two, this can also help protect your kids from getting stuck in the space between the spring and the jump mat. The net can provide additional coverage to minimize such instances.

Topped off with a sturdy frame and high-quality materials, this product can be a solid choice for your kid’s first big-kid trampoline.


  • 175-lb weight capacity
  • Low height
  • Safety enclosure included
  • Gap-free enclosure design

JumpKing 8 Foot Outdoor Trampoline

Budget-conscious buyers may also find the JumpKing 8 Foot Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure Combo a nice pick. It’s one of the most inexpensive items in this list, so it easily catches the attention of many.JumpKing 8 Foot Outdoor Trampoline

Because of its affordability, however, it should be expected that its features are rather limited. For one, it can only hold up to 110 lbs. If you’re getting this product for a young child, this shouldn’t be a problem, though. It still won’t buckle under the weight of a small kid so you can still be guaranteed that it’s a safe pick.

Despite this limitation, however, it still comes with everything you need in a dependable leisure equipment. It still comes with a safety enclosure so you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for a compatible attachment.


  • 110-lb weight limit
  • Galvanized, rust-resistant steel frame
  • W-shaped legs
  • Easy assemble toprail system

SkyBound Atmos 8 foot Trampoline

The SkyBound Atmos 8 Foot Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System might just be the most unique looking item on this list. So if you like pieces that are not just functional but attractive as well, this can be a good pick for you.SkyBound Atmos 8 foot Trampoline

With its turquoise blue coloring, this product will immediately attract the attention of the people around it. But more than just that, its design is also noteworthy. Unlike other trampolines in the market, it’s equipped with ball-joint welded legs which provide good stability. Added to these are pivot table feet so it can help support the unit and jumper’s weight on slightly uneven surfaces.

Even if it has a 175-lb weight limit, it can still be a good choice for a lot of homes. Its 10-year frame warranty definitely makes it a more compelling choice as it guarantees great quality.


  • 175-lb weight limit
  • Octagonal, powder-coated, galvanized steel frame
  • Ball-joint welded legs and pivot table feet
  • Safety enclosure included
  • 10-year frame warranty

Kinetic Trampolines 8 foot Trampoline

If you’re after a product that will have a smooth bounce, the Kinetic Trampolines 8 foot Trampoline with Enclosure is the very item you should look at. It’s engineered to provide excellent movement with its 48 springs, so it might just give you the results you’ve been looking for.Kinetic Trampolines 8 foot Trampoline

This complete trampoline and safety enclosure set can also promise great quality. With its 200-lb weight limit, it won’t easily buckle under a jumper’s weight. It’s also equipped with some notable safety features with the specially designed Impact Absorbent Enclosure System and Sure-Lock frame pad.

Suitable for kids and even young adults, this product can give you hours of fun and a good low-impact workout.


  • 200-lb weight limit
  • Impact Absorbent Enclosure System
  • Sure-Lock frame pad

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best 8 Foot Trampoline 

After getting to know some of the best options, how do you choose from them? Here are some reliable tips that can help you take a pick:

Never skimp on quality.

Like with just about any kind of purchase, you also have to be very particular about the quality of the trampoline you wish to get. As this equipment will need to take on a lot of weight and force while in use, you should stay away from flimsy products. Those will only put your safety at risk, so they should be avoided at all costs.

How would you know if a product is of good quality? It should look and feel sturdy, for starters. You can tell whether trampoline can be able to hold a lot of weight and impact if it uses heavy gauge steel for its frame and springs. The jumping mat material should also be of high quality. This way, you can be sure that it won’t buckle under the weight of its user.

Go for a unit with a high weight capacity.

While most 8-foot trampolines won’t have a very generous weight limit, there are those with higher capacities than others. They can be deemed as safer options because of this.Best 8 Foot Trampoline

Despite a high weight capacity, though, it’s still important to stick with the one-jumper-at-a-time rule. Some folks may be tempted to let little kids jump together since the weight limit is high. Don’t make this mistake as a lot of trampoline injuries are caused by having another jumper sharing the space.

Look for reliable safety features.

Because safety is one of the most pressing concerns when it comes to owning a trampoline, you should definitely look at how the product can prevent serious accidents and injuries. Aside from its high quality that can guarantee sturdiness, it should also have other features that address the common issues experienced by users.

The pieces that come with a safety enclosure should have a sturdy frame so it can effectively prevent jumpers from falling off. The net itself should have small gaps so fingers and limbs won’t get caught in them.

A padded spring cover is also essential, especially if the enclosure net is designed to go around the outer perimeter of the frame. This way, jumpers won’t hurt themselves if they land on the springs.

Consider your budget.

It’s a fact that trampolines don’t come cheap. The 8-foot varieties are often more affordable than its bigger counterparts, though, so this shouldn’t be too worrisome. However, as you often get what you pay for when it comes to this outdoor equipment, you have to be careful in taking a pick. It’s still best to get the best item within your budget rather than opting for the cheapest option or overshooting your budget.

Some add-ons are not always worth having, so consider their functionality closely.

In line with your budget, it should also be noted that not every extra will prove to be useful and worth the money for you. While they might be packaged as a “free addition” to your purchase, that’s not always the case. Having them included in your purchase could also mean that the manufacturer skimped on some of the essentials to afford the extra.

This is why it can sometimes be better off with a basic product. Besides, there’s also a good chance that the extra is not an essential accessory. So if you don’t think that you’ll be able to use all of the additional frills of a certain product, you might be better off with something else.

Final Verdict

Despite the limited size, the best 8-foot trampoline can still be the perfect addition to your backyard. Not only will it give your kids a nice equipment to play in but it can also help you get a good workout. It’s just a matter of choosing the right product for you.

The six items listed above are all great choices, though. They are all carefully chosen through their features, performance, and reviews so you can be guaranteed to find a great match from them. Give them a shot and you’ll be surprised at how suitable they can be in meeting your needs.


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