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High Bounce Trampoline–A Detailed Buyers’ Guide

A high bounce trampoline is more than just fun, as it is also physically good for kids and adults. If you have gone past the beginners’ stage and want something more, a bouncier trampoline is what you’re looking for. To help you make that decision, we have prepared this guide.

high bounce trampoline

Safety First

The trampoline should be made from solid metal, and welding has to be smooth. Avoid trampolines with rough welds because it could cut your clothing as you jump. The edges of the pipe need to be smooth and must be rust free. If the trampoline is corrosion proof that’s even better.

If you are buying a spring based trampoline, it must have spring covers. Ensure the pad covers are thick enough to cover the springs and won’t cause any cuts or other injuries.  Other safety features include a robust frame, powerful springs and durable but comfortable mat.

There are other things you have to consider. If the trampoline is for children, it’s best not to use one that is too bouncy as it could be dangerous. If the trampoline is bouncy, there should be more security features.

A handlebar is another good feature, but that is for kids only. If you’re going to buy a trampoline with high bounce properties, you should make certain the support is strong enough to handle your weight.  A well-designed trampoline also lets you jump as high as you want without causing snapping the springs. Bottom line: trampoline safety is paramount, so it comes first.

Size Matters

high bounce trampolinesGet a trampoline size that is suitable for your requirements. Most trampolines have dimensions of 16 to 17 feet, while smaller trampolines have a diameter of around 6 feet.

Sizes are often classified as mini, regular and jumbo, though some companies now use the small, medium, large and extra large scale.

For two adults, the diameter must be at least 12 feet, with 17 feet ideal. Small trampolines are for children, and it is not recommended adults use them. For two adults, get the biggest trampoline you need.

Apart from the diameter, you also have to focus on the weight capacity. The maximum capacity for most trampolines is 450 lbs. Most rectangular trampolines have this weight capacity, while round trampolines around 400 to 450 lbs. This weight capacity makes it ideal for most adults, and it is also sufficient for two adults.

But do not push it to the limit: while the weight limit may be 400 or 450 lbs. do not put that much actual weight on the trampoline. It may be able to support that weight, but its bounciness will be affected. If your trampoline is always subjected to hheavyweight inspect it on a consistent basis to avoid any major problems.

Springs and Bounciness

The shape of the trampoline can affect the bounciness as rectangular trampolines tend to be bouncier. The high bounce is ideal for gymnasts. If you want a bouncy trampoline, go with rectangle trampolines, but some round trampolines have also been designed to be bouncy.

You also have to check the springiness of the trampoline. The bounciness is dependent on the springs, and the newer models have superior quality. The springs on old trampolines are not as well built and not as stable. In contrast, the newer trampolines have pad covered springs. The more powerful the springs, the more bounce you will get out of it.

There are also springless trampolines online. These models also use different types of elastic materials like fabric straps to give it that extra boost.

While this does help, elastic fabrics are nowhere near as bouncy as those trampolines with springs. If you want that trampoline to be as bouncy as possible, look for those with powerful and durable springs.

The one benefit of elastic springs is they are safer. If that is your main concern, then you will want the elastic spring trampolines. If the bounce level is the priority, stick with springs.

Enclosures are Important

A high bounce trampoline is safer today than it once was. However, that does not change the fact that a high bouncing trampoline is going to present some risks. No matter how skilled you are, the risk of falling is always there.

One way to avoid this is to buy a trampoline net enclosure. These enclosures are made of netting and other strong material. The enclosure is wrapped around the trampoline, ensuring you don’t fall off in case you balance while jumping. If the trampoline is equipped with a net enclosure, that’s great. If not, you may be able to buy one that fits the trampoline you’re using.

These net enclosures are easy to set up provided you follow the directions. While these enclosures are strong, don’t jump into it. If you do fall off and land in the net, check if the assembly attachment was damaged when you landed in it.

Other Considerations

A bouncy trampoline is a lot of fun, but you have to be responsible when using it. Follow the instructions and safety guidelines included in the manual. Also keep the following in mind:

  • There needs to an allowance of at least 7 feet along the sides of the trampoline, and that area must be free of objects.
  • The trampoline needs to be placed on an even surface. However, the surface must be grass or something “soft” to reduce the tension.
  • Do not use the trampoline until you have checked the assembly and made certain all the components are secure.
  • If you’re going to use the trampoline outside, a net enclosure is a must as you could fall on the ground and hurt yourself.
  • Take your time when setting up the trampoline. Do not hurry the process as you could make a mistake.

Final Verdict

It’s not hard to find a high bounce trampoline, and the demand for it has grown among trampoline and fitness buffs. About the only problem that you will have is figuring out which one to buy. With the information above, you will be in a better position to decide what’s best.

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