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Infographic on Trampoline: A Detailed and Safety Guidelines

What is a trampoline?

A trampoline is a device that consists of a trim piece of cloth that stretches above the frame and a frame that is made of steel. The mat is connected to the steel frame typically by using coiled springs. This trampoline is used for jumping, but it can be suitable for tumbling, depending on the size. A trampoline can be utilized competitively and recreationally.

What are the kinds of trampolines?

There are two kinds of trampolines, and these are the recreational and competitive trampolines. A recreational trampoline is usually made using waterproof canvas, and it comes in different sizes and shapes. Unless a trampoline is tiny to start with, it’s unlikely to be handy. A recreational trampoline can be used in a playground, a health club for adults, school gym or in a private home.

On the other hand, a competitive trampoline has been designed to be much sturdier and this is made from a kind of fabric that was specially developed. It’s easy to transport and it is also handy, making it an essential for athletes who are competing in different locations across the globe. A competitive trampoline comes in a standardized size and shape and it uses more coiled springs that help athletes perform higher jumps or more complicated and harder stunts.


You should make sure that you will be choosing a high quality trampoline from a reputable manufacturer when you want to buy one. In this Info-graphics, I will show how to choose your trampoline step by step, the benefits & risks and other most important factors for consideration.


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