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Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline Review: Family Fun on a Budget

Even if you haven’t shopped for trampolines before, it’s very easy to assume that they come with a hefty price tag. With their size and required quality, it should be expected that they don’t come cheap. This is why, in this Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline review, we’ll be offering you a good option that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

With Merax establishing its reputation as a reliable leisure equipment company, its products are also getting a lot of buzz as of late. Their wide range of products cater to just about every household’s need and are affordably priced, so they can really be good options for most homes.Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline Review

Their 14-feet Round Trampoline is a particularly popular option because of its size, solid construction, and good price. If you’re one of the many who is interested in this item, this Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline review can help you out.

To help you get to know this product, here are some of its main features:

Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline Features: 

14 Ft Diameter

One of the most notable things about this trampoline is its size. Its frame measures 14 ft in diameter, offering a lot of room for bouncing around. While this is the item’s total measurement and not the jumping mat’s surface area, it’s still a very good size.

Heavy Gauge Galvanized Rust Resistant Steel Frame

The frame is the most crucial part of every trampoline. It can determine the unit’s overall quality and durability, so it’s important that it’s made of good materials and is well constructed. This is why this Merax trampoline features a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel frame.Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline Review

It’s guaranteed to be rust proof and can take on a good amount of weight and force which promises sturdiness and safety. This lets it hold up to 33 lbs, making it a solid choice for many households.

6 W-Shaped Legs

Making this trampoline sturdier and more stable is its leg design. Its W-shaped legs offer better weight distribution which makes the unit more secure and reliable. As there are six of them, you can also be guaranteed of great support, which can make it safer to use.

72 Pcs Galvanized Steel Springs

Physics dictates that the more springs a trampoline has, in combination with a longer length, the better the bounce it will have. With the Merax 14-ft Round Trampoline, you’ll get 72 5.4” galvanized steel springs which promise a good and durable bounce.

With this design and construction, you can be sure that the springs will do a good job in your bouncing about. It will also be rustproof as it’s made of galvanized steel. This will further extend its usability as steel springs are still some of the most durable materials for such parts.

Safety Padding

A lot of trampoline-injuries are from unexpected or forceful contact with the springs. This is why it’s very important to keep them covered. This item has a thick and padded covering for the springs, so you don’t have to worry about skin getting pinched or limbs falling in between their gaps.

Durable Safety Enclosure

A significant amount of trampoline-related accidents are also easily prevented by high-quality enclosures. This is why you should always look for trampolines that come with such if you don’t want to risk jumpers from falling off your trampoline.

This Merax product comes with one which automatically makes it a convenient and safe pick for many. The net is also made from the high-quality material while the poles are also made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, so you can count on it to hold up nicely.

It’s also a nice detail that it goes around the jump mat. This means that the springs are not located inside the enclosure. This further lessens the jumpers’ likelihood of getting in contact with the springs and decreases the risks that come with this particular trampoline.

4-Step LadderMerax 14-Feet Round Trampoline Review

Making this product more convenient to use is its 4-step ladder. This will let you get in and out of the trampoline easier. This will also save you from the hassle of having to buy one separately.

Safe Play Basketball Hoop

A nice extra for the Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline is its Safe Play Basketball Hoop. This addition will fit most kid-sized balls so your little ones can also enjoy playing slamball on it.


Why Should You Use Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline?

Aside from its good features, what else can this item offer? Why should you get one? Here are five reasons that will help you get to know this product better.

1. It can be a great piece of recreational equipment for the whole family.

Due to its large size, this trampoline can already provide a good amount of play space for kids and adults alike. This makes it a wonderful choice for most households, especially if the parents are just as thrilled as their kids to bounce about.

Its 330-lb weight capacity is a great plus, too. This can readily let most adults have a blast while jumping around.

2. It has a great price.

The Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline may not be the cheapest trampoline of its size in the market today, but it’s still very reasonably priced. This already guarantees that it doesn’t use poor quality materials and craftsmanship just to have a competitive price. It’s definitely affordable, though, so it’s still a good choice for families who are looking for great value for their money.

3. It’s very spacious.

The 14-feet diameter is already a good choice for most households.

4. It’s already a complete package.

You don’t really have to purchase additional parts separately as it already comes with a safety enclosure and ladder. The tools you need to assemble the unit are also included in the package, so your convenience is guaranteed. While wind stakes are not included, they’re very easy to find, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

5. It can amp up the fun with its basketball hoop addition.

If you already plan to play slamball in your trampoline, this unit can be a quick and easy choice as it comes with a basketball hoop.

  • Friendly price
  • Has a lot of room to bounce around in
  • Very eye-catching with its bright colors
  • Zippered net enclosure makes it easy to access
  • Net enclosure excludes the springs which further lessens risks
  • High weight capacity makes it safe for most adults to use
  • Basketball hoop addition lets you do more while bouncing about
  • Stable, sturdy, and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers great value for your money
  • Pole sleeves are a bit difficult to put on
  • Safety paddings are quite thin
  • Basketball hoop’s weight can pull the net down

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with wind stakes?

A: No, but it can be secured by standard earth anchors.

Q: Are the springs and poles padded?

A: Yes, the steel springs and poles have padded covers.

Q: How big are the springs?

A: The springs are about 5.4” long.

Q: Does it come with the tools needed for assembly?

A: Yes, it comes with everything you need to set the unit up. Having your own wrench or screwdriver at hand can also come in handy.

Q: How big is the basketball hoop?

A: The diameter of the basketball hoop is 18” which can be used with a youth basketball.

Final Verdict

Trampolines are great picks if you want a way to play with your growing kids that you’ll also thoroughly enjoy. We hope this Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline review gets to show you that the said product is a good choice for such. It definitely has everything you need in a trampoline, so it can be a great, affordable pick for most homes.

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