Safety Net for Trampoline Tips

Children of all ages love to jump, and that’s the reason why they’re enamored with trampolines. Trampolines also have health benefits, so that’s another reason why you should encourage your kids to use it. If you’re concerned for their safety, a safety net for trampoline should set your mind at ease. Why Trampoline Safety Nets are Important The main concern ... Read More »

Where to Buy Trampolines – A Guide

Where to Buy Trampolines

Looking for information where to buy trampolines? There is no shortage of available trampolines, but which is the best place to make a purchase? In this guide we will take a look at your options and what factors you have to consider. While buying a trampoline is easy, research is essential. Buying in Brick and Mortar Stores The traditional way ... Read More »

Top Tips for Choosing a Safe Trampoline for Your Kids

If you want a surefire way to keep everyone at home entertained, adding a safe trampoline into your backyard’s set up is a great way to have hours of fun. This outdoor equipment are some of the most exciting and thrilling things to have at home, offering hours of fun and physical activity. However, due to the physicality of these ... Read More »

Best Trampoline Springs to Replace Your Old Springs

Best Trampoline Springs

Trampolines are some of the best things to get for your kids as it offers hours of fun right in your backyard. However, no matter how expensive and high-quality your unit may be, it will still be due for some part replacements and repairs at one point or another. This shouldn’t be a bad thing as it’s way better to ... Read More »

Save or Splurge: Just How Much are Big Trampolines?

How Much are Big Trampolines

Trampolines may be some of the most popular purchases for parents who want to keep their kids active and entertained at home, but it doesn’t mean that they’re strictly for young ones. The fact that these items are available in different sizes makes it clear that it’s not just for fun play times with the kids. A lot of serious ... Read More »

High Bounce Trampoline–A Detailed Buyers’ Guide

A high bounce trampoline is more than just fun, as it is also physically good for kids and adults. If you have gone past the beginners’ stage and want something more, a bouncier trampoline is what you’re looking for. To help you make that decision, we have prepared this guide. Safety First The trampoline should be made from solid metal, ... Read More »

Exercise Trampoline Weight Limit

Knowing the exercise trampoline weight limit is necessary before you even buy it. If you’re over the weight limit, there is a good chance you will injure yourself or at the very least damage the trampoline. However, you can avoid this by using the following as a weight limit guide. Trampoline Weight Limits According to Size Trampoline weight capacities can ... Read More »

12 Foot Trampoline Reviews – Our Top 5 Pick

Having a 12-foot trampoline in the backyard is a lot of fun for families with kids, and 12 feet is ample for its diameter. It’s not too large for most backyards, but it’s large enough that it offers lots of elbow room for kids to jump. Factors to Consider Of course, with kids and trampolines safety will be a crucial ... Read More »

Real Life Experiences On a Trampoline

Real Life Experiences On a Trampoline

Pick My Trampoline is a blog where we write about the trampoline. Last month we offered a digital marketing scholarship and asked the university students to tell us about their experience. We have got enormous responses and we are thanking everyone from the core of our hearts. We will announce the winners soon. So here we have picked the best ... Read More » Protection Status