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Best Backyard Trampoline 2019 | Read Before You Buy

Are you looking for the best backyard trampoline?

That certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. More than half a million backyard trampolines are sold each year. Sales have increased since the 1990s and as a result, the number of trampoline accidents increased too—for a while.

But fortunately, standard safety features and higher quality materials have reduced the number of accidents in more recent years and people are buying this fantastic workout material increasingly.

Despite the outcry from some groups regarding the dangers of using the best trampoline, the actual statistics tell a different story. An assessment of the CPSC data on injuries revealed that all trampoline injuries, including backyard trampolines, indoor trampolines, and trampoline parks, make up only 3% of the total injuries that require a hospital visit.Best Backyard Trampoline

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In contrast, playing basketball and riding a bicycle each account for 18% of injuries that require hospital visits. More are also caused by football, working out and exercising, baseball and softball, soccer, swimming, and skateboards than the hospital visits caused by playing on trampolines.

It’s virtually the same story when considering the injury rate for various activities. For every 1,000 participants, playing soccer results to 21 injuries. Followed by baseball with 17, football with 15, and softball with 10. Trampoline parks, on the other hand, only had 2 injuries per 1,000 people.

Of course, a lot depends on proper trampoline safety precautions as well as your choice of backyard trampoline. If you follow proper trampoline safety guidelines such as jumping one at a time and not doing somersaults, then with the best backyard trampoline you significantly reduce the chance of an injury.

Best Backyard Trampoline Comparison Table

  • Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline with Enclosure and Spring Pad
  • Our Rating: 4.6
  • 15 ft X 15 ft X 9.5 ft.
  • Age Group: 6 and above
  • Weight Limit: 200 lb
  • TÜV Approved Zupapa Trampoline with Accessories
  • Our Rating: 4.6
  • Size: 12FT, 14FT, 15FT
  • Age Group: 10 years and above
  • Weight Limit: 330 to 375 lbs
  • ExacMe 12' FT Trampoline with All-in-one Combo Set
  • Our Rating: 4.4
  • 15ftx15ftx9ft
  • Age Group: 7 years and above
  • Weight Limit: 375 lbs
  • Merax Round Trampoline and Safety Enclosure Set with Spring Pad
  • Our Rating: 4.4
  • 12FT X 12FT X 9.1FT
  • Age Group: All
  • Weight limit: 250-375 LBS
  • AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure
  • Our Rating: 4.2
  • 63.0 x 63.0 x 64.5 Inches
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  • Age Group: 4-15
  • Weight Limit: 100 lbs

How to Choose the Best Backyard Trampoline

It is not wise to be hasty while buying something. Before going to puchase any product, you should critically analze some important factor that will put you in a win-win situation. Here are some factors you need to consider when you buy a trampoline which you can put in your backyard:


The cost is always a primary consideration. You need to make sure that you can afford one since backyard trampolines generally don’t last for more than a few years. However, the cost is usually dependent on size and not always on quality. So, the decision of buying a trampoline should be cost-effective.


We’ve mentioned that backyard trampolines last only a few years, but some do last longer than others. You need to consider how the trampoline can withstand the humidity and rain, the sunlight, and even the wind. So it should be resistant to rust and UV rays and it should be secure against the wind because the trampoline will be left out in the backyard.

Durability also means it should hold up to the constant wear and tear brought on by repeated jumping activities. All the parts that hold up the weight must be up to the task too. These include the frame, the springs, and the jumping canvas.

Ease of Setup

The need to set up a trampoline generates more complaints than any other issue related to it. It’s because backyard trampolines generally come with assembly required, and not everyone has the DIY knowhow to handle the job. It doesn’t help when some manufacturers provide unclear instructions in their manuals, or that they do not provide the necessary tools. But often you can go online and watch assembly videos on YouTube to see it done properly.

Often you’ll need more than one person to set it up. Someone must also be strong enough to stretch the springs properly and even then, it may still take several hours to complete the assembly.

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Safety Features

In general, trampolines currently on the market have excellent safety features. Safety should be the primary concern while buying a trampoline. This Netting enclosures have become standard so people are no longer as likely to fall off a trampoline as they were before. But you should still check the quality of the enclosure, the strength of the frame, and the durability of the canvas. There should be padding on the frame, and holes through which the feet may slide through should be minimized.


You’ll need a trampoline that will fit in your backyard, so that means your yard defines your size limitations. Keep in mind that you also need space around the trampoline so people can move around comfortably. In general, however, you can get bigger trampolines for backyards than for indoor use.

Other Considerations

There are also some other factors that may affect your choice of backyard trampoline. You should check the weight capability of the trampoline, in case adults also decide to join in the fun. With the obesity rates in the US and around the world being what they are, it may be a good idea to pick trampolines that can handle heavier loads.

If you have very young children, then the height of the trampoline is also important. No children should play on a trampoline without an adult nearby. If you have a trampoline that’s high enough, then at least they may not be able to climb up the trampoline without help. However, some parents prefer a lower height for their trampoline so that their children can climb on it on their own.

And of course, you should also care about how your trampoline looks. After all, it’s there in your backyard for your neighbors to see.

You may also be attracted to other features that offer added convenience. For example, some trampolines have a compartment for shoes. The compartment gets the shoes out of the way so no one steps on them, and when you’re done you know where you can find your footwear.

Recommended Best Backyard Trampoline Reviews

So where should you start with your search for the best trampoline for your backyard? Here are some good ones you should consider first:

Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline with Enclosure and Spring Pad

Best Backyard Trampoline

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This has a 15-foot diameter, and the safety net enclosure reaches up to 9.5 feet up. The frame is made of heavy gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel, and the 6 legs come in a W-design for greater stability. The T-sockets are reinforced so that the attachment of the upper enclosure frame to the trampoline frame is also stable, and this also prevents any potential twisting of the structure.

It’s recommended for children ages 6 years and up and has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. According to various customer reviews, the actual capacity is much greater, and it was able to accommodate 4 teenagers who were lying on their backs while they watched the stars and the fireworks.

The enclosure works well, and it uses a gap-free design when attached to the frame. There are no ropes to the thread as it features a button-hole attachment a well.

Most people also report that it is very easy to set up. It’s quite affordable too and on Amazon, it only costs $319.50 although you also have to pay $57.99 for shipping. But that’s not so bad considering that many people report that it holds up well even with daily use by hyperactive children. On Amazon, it has received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, and 73% gave it full marks.

TÜV Approved Zupapa Trampoline with Accessories

Best Backyard Trampoline

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As the name says, it comes in 12, 14 and 15-foot diameters. The 12-foot model can bear up to 375 pounds, and it costs $358.99 on Amazon, although shipping is free. The 14-foot model can accommodate 330 pounds and costs $389.99, while the 15-foot model has a 375-pound weight capacity and costs $399.99.

Zupapa is a German manufacturer and TÜV is an organization of independent consultants that check the safety of German products. All the materials here are made from heavy-duty materials, and these include the frame, springs, and jumping mat. The jumping mat is even resistant to UV rays.

You even get a lot of accessories here, including a ladder for the small children to use, a bag for the shoes, and a cover for the trampoline when it rains or snows. On Amazon, this Zupapa trampoline has also received an average rating of 4.6 stars. The bounce is higher and it also offers greater support.

ExacMe 12′ FT Trampoline with All-in-one Combo Set

Best Backyard Trampoline

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This costs just $279 with free shipping. Like most of the good ones, it’s also been approved by TÜV, the frame is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel, and it has U-shaped legs. It also comes with the standard netting enclosure and the poles are well-padded. There are straps to secure the netting, and the net door has a zipper to open and close. The net enclosure is also outside the trampoline, so the children have a much wider space inside in which to play. It has a weight limit of 280 pounds.

On Amazon, it has netted an average rating of 4.4 stars. While complaints are few, they mostly focus on the relative difficulty of the setup. The manual has also been specifically criticized for it unclear directions.

However, even those who complained about the assembly admit that the quality is good once the setup is complete. A few have warned, however, that after two years or so the jumping canvas may need replacement because it may rip.

Merax Round Trampoline and Safety Enclosure Set with Spring Pad

Best Backyard Trampoline

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The 12-ft model costs $249.99 while the 15-foot model is available for $329.80 and shipping is free for both.

These models can hold up to 375 pounds of weight. The jumping surface is about 3 feet high and the enclosure measures more than 6 feet in length. Both also have the W-design for the 6 legs for greater stability. Again, the frame is constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel. The PE+PVC pad is filled with thick foam and is waterproof.

On Amazon, it has received an average of 4.3 stars. Among the 10 most recent reviews, 8 had given it full marks, but the other 2 only gave it 3 stars because they had difficulty in assembling it. They really did not appreciate the confusing instructions. However, even those who needed 3 people for the assembly and still had trouble also reported that after the assembly was completed they did have a lot of fun using the trampoline. And essentially, that’s the main point.

AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

Best Backyard Trampoline

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This is definitely a good buy – if you can find it, that is. Many of the well-known e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Wal-Mart seem to have run of stock already. However, it did manage to garner an average rating of 4.4 stars on the Wal-Mart website, with at least 65% giving it a 5-star rating. Also, 91% would recommend it to a friend.

This is a trampoline suitable for very young children, and it holds up a weight of up to 60 pounds. It also comes with a safety net enclosure, and the poles that hold up the net are also padded. The entrance is opened and closed by a zipper.

Its design is truly appealing for children, as it seems to look like a colorful transparent beehive. The parents will also love the design because it’s very easy to assemble, while its size encourages children to play one at a time.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Backyard Trampoline?

With so many different options available, though, you might be wondering how to choose. To help you with that, here are a few things that should factor in on your decision:

1. Product Quality.

As you know quality matters, try to investigate the features offered by the manufacturers. Backyard trampolines are the top choices for households who want every member to have fun. As the equipment will have several, different users, it’s best to make sure that it’s made of great quality. From its materials to its craftsmanship, you should make sure that it won’t give out easily under any jumper’s weight.

2. The Size of Your Backyard

The size of your backyard will also have an impact on your decision as you can’t just squeeze in a massive trampoline in a small space. This can make trampolines more dangerous than the usual as the additional obstructions can make falls and bumps worse. Take measurements before purchasing one of these items so you can make sure that you’ll get equipment that fits your space.

3. The Weight Limit of the Equipment

A trampoline with a high weight limit can be an excellent choice for most backyards. This can allow the whole household to play on the equipment safely.

4. Jumper Safety

While trampolines are already designed to be as safe as they possibly can, it won’t hurt to make sure that its safety features, namely its spring covers and safety enclosure, are of great quality, too. This way, you can be sure to cover all your bases when it comes to choosing the best play equipment for your home.

5. User Feedback

Reviews can also help you choose the right product for your backyard because they’re feedback from actual users and buyers of the item you’re eyeing. Pay close attention to their stories and what they think about the product’s performance so you can be sure to know what to expect.

Final Verdict

So there you have it. At least one of these options should give you lots of fun. They’re all safe and their prices are reasonable as well.

If you have the budget and space, then go for the Skywalker or the Zupapa. The build quality is excellent, the safety features are superb, and people don’t generally have any problems with the assembly. Get the Zupapa if you like the rain cover and the shoe bag, even if it costs just a bit more because the added convenience of these accessories is worth it.

If you don’t want to spend over $300, then the ExacMe or the Merax are also great options. Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble with the setup, although you should download the instructional videos on YouTube before you attempt to assemble it.

And if you are looking for a trampoline that suits a small child, then the best backyard trampoline for you is definitely the AirZone.

Good luck, have fun, and be safe!

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