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Safety Net for Trampoline Tips

Children of all ages love to jump, and that’s the reason why they’re enamored with trampolines. Trampolines also have health benefits, so that’s another reason why you should encourage your kids to use it. If you’re concerned for their safety, a safety net for trampoline should set your mind at ease.

Safety Net for Trampoline

Why Trampoline Safety Nets are Important

The main concern of parents is children on trampolines may fall off. This concern is magnified if the trampoline does not have a handlebar, as is the case with models for older children. With a safety net, you don’t have to be concerned as there is protection around the trampoline.

These nets come in different forms, but all of them share certain features. They all have a secure entryway, and the net is made of durable materials to ensure their durability. Some of these nets are also bundled with pads to provide extra protection.

The trampoline pads provide cover for the springs, reducing the possibility the child will hit the springs. Together with the safety net, the two elements provide safety. Both features are common not just in children’s trampolines but also those for some adults. As a safety feature, it is hard to match.

Of course a lot of trampolines for adults do not have any net enclosures, as they have better control and balance. For kids’ trampolines however, a safety net is almost mandatory. If the safety net that came with your trampoline does not look durable, you can always look for another one online.

Trampolines with No Net Enclosures

A safety net for trampoline makes a lot of sense, but not all have it. If your favorite trampoline doesn’t have one but you don’t want to give it up, you can always buy one. When shopping for a safety net, make sure it is made of high quality materials and from a reputable company.

A safety net is sufficient for children’s trampolines, but you can always add a handlebar to make jumping even more convenient. The choice is up to you, but if you have to choose one, it needs to be the safety net. When a safety net is installed, there’s less chance your child would get injured in case they fall.

Another benefit of a safety net is you can let older kids play freely. Even if your kids are experienced, the sight of them jumping on trampolines without safety nets still makes some parents nervous.

With a safety net in place, you can be confident that your children are safe in the trampoline. A safety net is no excuse not to supervise toddlers when they play. However, the presence of these nets will go far in giving you peace of mind.

Trampoline Net Assembly

Safety Net for TrampolinesTrampoline safety nets have to be assembled, but this is easy to do. If the safety net came with the trampoline, you just need to follow the directions and you will have it up in minutes.

The process varies depending on the model. Usually though you just need to put the bars together. These bars are responsible for keeping the net up. Once the bars are set, you use nuts and bolts to set them over the trampoline. Lay the netting, hook up to the posts and it is set.

When shopping for one of these units, don’t forget to assess the installation process. A lot of the problems that arise from safety nets are from improper installation. As long as the safety net is correctly installed, the trampoline will hold up fine. Before letting your child use it however, inspect the bars to ensure they are secure.

Trampolines have become easier than ever to assemble, but you still need to follow the directions to avoid problems. The slightest mistake can affect the integrity of the safety net, making it dangerous. If there is a defect or problem with the assembly, don’t let anyone use it.

Features to Look for

A well-made safety net is made from dense polyethylene or other heavy duty materials. You need to use a heavy duty net so it won’t rip apart in case a child bumps into it. The stronger the material, the more practical it is to use. Net materials used on kids’ trampolines may not be made of polyurethane, but make sure that’s it is still solid.

The safety net doors have to be durable and secure so there is no opening by accident and causing an accident. There should also be attachments on the top and bottom of the net for extra safety. The net should also have fortified threading along the buckles, straps and seams.

You also want a safety net that has been crafted well. If the net is tightly woven, it is going to last longer. If you are buying a replacement for the original net, make sure it’s compatible.

Other Considerations

Whenever possible, buy a trampoline with a safety net built in. Yes, it is possible to buy a new net, but it is more convenient if the safety net is already bundled with the package. Now all you have to do is assemble the trampoline and your child can go ahead and play.

Don’t let young children play on the trampoline without someone watching over then. Yes, the net provides protection, but you still have to be careful and not leave anything to chance.

Once your child is in the trampoline, inspect the door and make certain that it is securely latched. Don’t just focus on safety net as you also have to look at the other parts and make certain they are as in working condition. After the trampoline has been used for some time, look for signs of damage and have it fixed immediately.

Final Verdict

A safety net for trampoline is crucial for obvious reasons. Even if you have an older child, a safety net is still recommended as it minimizes the risk of accidents. Finding the right one can be difficult with hundreds if not thousands of options available. Hopefully this guide helps.

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