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Trampoline Chair | Read The Reviews Before You Buy One!

Have you ever thought about getting a trampoline chair?

They’re the very antithesis of those forbidding straight-backed chair that’s meant to signify elegance and class. Instead, they’re a casual piece of furniture that’s perfect for a game room, a TV room, a library, or a dorm.

Pick the right one, and you’ve got a winner. A trampoline’s bounciness is very comfy, and what’s also comfortable for you is that they don’t cost all that much.

Trampoline Chair

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They can support a heavy person even though they may seem flimsy. And they lend a casual air to the room they’re in, so they’re conducive to enjoyment and fun gatherings.

Recommended Trampoline Chair Reviews

As we’ve said, to get the best out of a trampoline chair you need to pick the right one. So we’ve decided to help out by compiling this list for you so you can make the right choice.

Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

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This Zenithen perfectly illustrates how great a chair like this can be, though they may call it a bungee chair. The netting is an attractive set to look like a blooming flower, and it’s even teal in color.

You’ve got a foldable setup, with the trampoline tilted just a bi to provide a comfy chair.

The materials and build are of topnotch quality, and it can carry a weight of up to 225 pounds. The back support is exceptional, yet it’s airy and see-through, so the whole room doesn’t feel all that stuffy.

Round Bungee Chair Red Folding Comfortable Lightweight Portable Indoor Outdoor Use

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This has the same basic design, as the netted bungee cords also form a flower design.

You’ve got strong steel for the frame so it’s durable and robust, but it’s also light enough so you can bring it outdoors for you to enjoy the fresh air and the warm sunshine.

Again, you also have a 225-pound weight support, so it’s perfect for kids and teenagers and even a lot of adults. With the elastic nature of the bungee chair, standing up from it is easy as well.

360DEG Bungee Chair

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Now, this looks more like a traditional trampoline set on its side, with a solid jumping surface so you don’t have to worry about bungee pressure marks on your clothes or having your arms go through the netting. It also looks quite stylish. Its unique bungee system is flexible and comfortable

It’s still quite cool, as the seat is made of black microfiber. It’s also strong enough to handle 225 pounds of weight, which is for some reason a common cutoff mark for these chairs.

It is light enough in weight and easily foldable, so you can bring to any part of the house or backyard.

Impact Bungee Chair, Blue

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Actually, it comes in a wide variety of colors, but blue does appeal to guys and girls alike.

And its look is unique, as it’s like a combo of trampoline set like the setting sun and bungee cords acting like the rays.

The fabrics used are all durable and strong, and it can again hold a weight of—guess what?—225 pounds.

They’re extremely comfortable, lightweight, foldable, and perfect for the young and the young at heart.

Blu Dot Super-Bungee Chair

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This one is quite unique in its look. Instead of a circular design, it’s pear-shaped. So it provides ample space for your bottom while it’s long enough to support your head too.

The angle is also just right for gaming or watching TV. Yes, it supports up to 225 pounds, and it’s also light and foldable.

As a bonus, you even get a built-in pocket for the ubiquitous smartphones or for the TV remote.

And with the bungee cords providing the support, it’s airy and you can see right through it so the room feels more spacious.

Trampoline Chair: Target

If you have a Target shop near you, you can head on out there and try some of these models for yourself. At least you get a pretty good idea of how they look, and you can take them home right away.

But you can also just go to the target website to get these chairs. You can find a nice selection at very affordable prices, and it will be delivered to your door. Target has a US site as well as an international website, so everyone in the world can shop here online.

The nice thing about Target is that if your order costs more than $25—and with these chairs they do—then the shipping is free.

Even the returns are free as well. That should save you from hidden costs and extra fees when the items are delivered with damages due to the travel.

Keep in mind, though, that some items here are available only in their stores.

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Trampoline Chair: Amazon

Now, who doesn’t know about Amazon by now? If you’re going online to buy anything, this is the place to go. They have everything, and in fact, every trampoline we have here are available on the Amazon site.

The prices are more than reasonable, ranging from $49.99 (plus $7.99 shipping) to $63.95. In addition, the Amazon site may be able to deliver the chairs to your country, while the manufacturer’s site may be limited to US deliveries only.

Besides, by even just visiting the Amazon site you can read the enlightening reviews, so you know how customers really feel about these chairs.

And we’ve picked the best, as these have average ratings ranging from 4.3 to 4.7 stars (and three of them average 4.6 stars).

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Final Verdict

It must be said, that these chairs don’t belong in stuffy, “elegant” rooms. They’re best for casual settings, and where people just want to relax and have fun.

For a reasonable price, you have a chair that’s ultra-comfortable, very airy, and perfect for all types of relaxing activities. Put them in a game room, library, TV room, or your child’s bedroom, and you’ll find the people sitting on them thanking you for such a great chair.

And they’ll enjoy these chairs for a long time to come.

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