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Trampoline Installation -10 Great Tips

If you’re buying a trampoline, chances are good that you’ve checked out the reviews on websites like Amazon. And if you’re even mildly observant, reading these reviews will tell you that the most common problem people have when buying these things is trampoline installation.

Trampoline Installation

It’s not the bounciness or lack thereof, it’s not how the trampolines don’t last for too many years, and it’s not even about the injuries they’ve experienced. Most of time, it’s all about just how frustratingly difficult it is to set up from out of the box.

So to help you out, here are some tips that can make the daunting task easier:

  1. Do it without the kids around:

    This is a common problem when you buy these things for Christmas or a birthday. Kids want to jump on them now. So you get pressured and frustrated. So maybe you can do it without the kids around, or you can even start to assemble a few days before it in preparation for the big day. At least you can tell your kids that it will be ready for Christmas or their birthday, but they’ll need to wait.

  2. Call a friend:

    No matter how much DIY experience you may have, you will need a helping hand. Consider trampoline installation as a task for which you need a lifeline. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a large unit, as you’ll need some to hold one end while you pull. With a friend by your side, the task can go much faster, and at least you’ll have someone to talk to.

  3. Pull up the video:

    Often, you find that these things are made in China. What’s bad is that sometimes the instruction manual was also written by someone who doesn’t really know English at all. So you get really confusing instructions that don’t make sense. Fortunately for you, the Internet is full of helpful people who put up videos of how to do these things online. So use your mobile device or laptop, go online, and Google how to set up your particular model.

  4. Make sure you have enough space:

    Measure the intended space again, and check that you don’t have any clotheslines or tree branches to get in the way. And then, of course, you need ample space around the trampoline as well so you can move around comfortably.

  5. Prepare your tools:

    Most of these things come with tools already, but bring some extra tools just to be sure. If you have a cordless drill, those will come in handy. You’ll also probably need a Phillips screwdriver, a rubber mallet, and some sort of pulling device for the springs.

  6. Check that you have all the materials in place:

    Confirm that everything is complete. Lay the parts out neatly so that you’ll be able to get to them when you need to. You can even call the hotline for confirmation.

  7. You start with the frame and legs:

    You begin by assembling the ring (or the square). Then attach the legs. This time you need to make sure that the holes line up when you screw in the screws. This will complete the foundation of the trampoline. You really need to make sure that each bolt is tightly locked in their proper places. If you don’t, this can become a very unsafe device for you and your kids to jump on!

  8. Tackle the springs:

    This is perhaps the most difficult aspect for most. That’s because they pull the spring at one point and they work around the set. That sets the tension at one end, so by the last springs, the strength needed will be too much. Instead, imagine the ring as a compass, and you need to set the springs at the North, then South. East, then West. Then start between these points and take care to balance the springs at the other end alternately. So when you put the NE spring up, you go to the SW spring next.

  9. Safety enclosure:

    First double check if the safety net goes inside or outside the safety poles and springs. If it’s meant for the inside and you put it on the outside, you can overstretch the material.

  10. Call the hotline:

    Do this if you experience a problem. Or go online and check if the same problem has been solved by people online.

Good luck, have fun, and stay safe!

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