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Trampoline Net- a Crucial Part of a Trampoline

The trampoline net is a crucial part of a trampoline. While the mat carries the weight of the user, the net prevents accidents and injuries from happening. It is an enclosure that is set up to keep the user from bouncing off the trampoline and onto the floor.

Trampoline Net


But the main issue a lot of people have is that their trampoline net tends to break or become torn after a while. The tear can be due to normal usage and although a high-quality trampoline net will provide years of service, it will need to be repaired or replaced at some point.

Trampoline Net Repair

Trampoline Net Repair

Here are the considerations for repair:

The trampoline net or enclosure is crucial for your protection

The safety net or enclosure is made of soft but high-quality material. It is woven to provide protection to the jumpers and often extend as high as six feet from the base of the trampoline. It is held together by poles and foam sleeves and keeps jumpers, especially children, from sustaining injuries while playing.

It keeps them from falling off or overextending as well as protects the jumper from coming into contact with the solid parts of the trampoline.  When in use, it is important to keep the safety net or enclosure zipped up. Not doing so will cause the fabric to be loose in some areas.

The repaired trampoline net should be inspected prior to use

The net is made of synthetic materials that make it firm and durable. The material itself stretches just a little bit. The only way to check the quality of the net is to look for any frayed threads. This can lead to stretched portions which can further weaken with use.

Like any fabric, tiny holes might develop. These holes in themselves do not pose an immediate risk or have any appreciable effect on the trampoline’s performance.

However, tiny holes can become larger holes, and when this happens, it would be necessary to replace the whole net. Other areas of concern would be the hooks connecting the net to the springs and the trampoline frame.

When getting your net repaired, consider installing trampoline accessories

Some accessories provide added safety for the users, especially for children. These accessories include anchor kits, pads, and springs. The anchor kits provide additional support for the trampoline.

The trampoline pads are placed around the trampoline, specifically on the metal frame to protect against any injuries that might occur when the user hits his the side of the trampoline.

These accessories are add-ons to the original package. However, if you are considering buying a new trampoline, get one that already comes with an enclosure and safety pads.

Trampoline Net Replacement

The material

When shopping for a replacement net, make sure that you choose a net made of Polyester of Polyethelene. These materials are widely used in recreational consumer trampoline manufacture and are considered the safest material for trampoline enclosures.

This material, however, is not the same material used in the circus, nor in Olympic competitions. They need much sturdier ones.

Correct measurements

When replacing your trampoline net, you need to measure it properly to fit the frame of your trampoline. Use a measuring tape, measure across the mat while it is installed on the trampoline, and from one ring to another ring directly opposite.

Do this twice at least to get the correct measurement. Count the number of rings, and the distance from one ring to its neighboring ring. You only need the width of the trampoline and the number of rings when ordering.

Once delivered to your home, check the item to see if it is the size you ordered; if not, request for a replacement right away.

Choose a high net

Most trampoline nets or enclosures extend up to six feet high.

However, this is not the optimal size for protection – this is only the minimum for kids. If adults are the ones jumping on the trampoline, then a higher trampoline net enclosure would be needed.

While there is no exact measurement required for adults, you can gauge how high the net should be based on the average height of the people using them. The enclosure should be higher than the person while he is jumping on the trampoline.

This way, even if he hits the edges of the enclosure he will not be hitting solid parts which could lead to serious injuries.

Trampoline Net 14 FT

Upper Bounce Trampoline Enclosure Safety Net

Upper Bounce Trampoline Enclosure Safety NetThis product is considered one of the best in the market because of its “inside model”. This trampoline net is made of Terylene-Quality material and is easy to install.

It comes with zippers and buckles.

The trampoline enclosure is easily connected to the poles or arches on the top, center, and bottom.


Net for 14ft Trampoline Enclosure using 6 Poles and Sleeves

Net for 14ft Trampoline Enclosure using 6 Poles and SleevesThis trampoline net is best suited for Jumpking, Bazoongi, and Orbounder brands and enclosure poles. This product is also made from terylene mesh and is attached at the bottom of the trampoline.

You will slip it in between the jumping mat and the safety pad to offer maximum safety.

The good thing about this product is that it is UV protected as well as has antimicrobial properties.


Trampoline Replacement Safety Net, By Upper Bounce

Trampoline Replacement Safety Net for Top Ring Enclosure System, By Upper BounceThis safety is a more advanced version because it offers unlimited visibility and are can be used on different sizes.

It is best suited for trampolines that have curved poles and a top ring. The edges of this trampoline net are reinforced for extra strength.

It also has a longer lifespan than most brands.


Trampoline Net 15 FT

Net for 15ft Round Trampolines (Skywalker) 

Net for 15ft Round Trampolines That Have 8 Pole Enclosure SystemsDo remember that while this product is meant to have 8 poles in the enclosure, it is sold without the poles.

Only the net is sold and buyers must carefully the trampoline frame shape, size, and the pole configuration. The downside of this safety net is that it only fits Skywalker trampolines and must be the exact same match in terms of model and shape.


15 ft. Round Replacement Trampoline Net(JumpKing FunRing / Bazoongi)

15 ft. (Frame Size) Round Replacement Trampoline Net for 4 Arch Enclosure System This product includes only the trampoline enclosure mesh netting. This is an enclosure with straps and rope for trampolines with a 15 ft diameter.

It comes with the required D Straps, so you won’t need to buy that separately.

It also does not work for trampoline models that have independent poles.


15′ BouncePro Net

15' BouncePro Net For Model -TR-1563A-COMB & TR-180N-ENCThis net is a perfect fit for the Bounce Pro Model # TR-180N-ENC or  the15 FT. Trampoline Frame with 3 Arches.

This enclosure offers the perfect height in order to protect the jumpers from all kinds of accidents.

This is a very high quality and all-weather enclosure and is considered as one of the best in the market.


Final Verdict

Trampolines may be fun and enjoyable, but you must always make safety a priority. Adding a trampoline net or safety enclosure will prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. Maintaining the net is of utmost importance as well. If you notice any tears or signs of wear, get it repaired ASAP or buy a new net.

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