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Upper Bounce Trampoline Review

Do your children have so much energy that they’re literally bouncing off the walls? Are you thinking about buying a trampoline for them but you are a bit worried that your kids might be injured while using it?

Then you can let go of your worries and let your kids have some fun with the Upper Bounce Trampoline. It’s packed with safety features to set your mind at ease, and you won’t even have to worry about setting it up. The typical Upper Bounce Trampoline review simply raves about it, and we think you will love it too.

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Upper Bounce Trampoline

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Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Upper Bounce must have read a lot of trampoline reviews written by people who’ve had difficulty setting up their trampolines. It’s the most common complaint about such “toys”.

So Upper Bounce made sure that this time you’d have no major trouble at all when it comes to the assembly. The instructions are straightforward, and the whole thing can be done in a few hours or less. What’s really great about this particular trampoline is that you can easily disassemble it too.

This is crucial when winter comes when most kids have to stay indoors. You can take off the enclosure without needing any special equipment and store them inside so they’ll last longer.

Upper Bounce also offers weather covers for you to buy if you really want additional protection from the elements when the trampoline isn’t in use.

Upper Bounce Trampoline

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Rust Free Frame and Legs

You don’t need to put the legs and the frame of the trampoline in storage because they’re designed for extended outdoor use. Upper Bounce has applied a special coating to the steel parts that make them more durable and resistant to rusting. This coating even makes the trampoline look a lot better as well.

Durable Jumping Mats

Even a durable frame won’t matter when the jumping mat is flimsy, but that’s not the case with Upper Bounce. The jumping mat is made from a specially constructed premium polypropylene mesh material that can really hold up even the weight of adults.

And to add an extra layer of protection, there’s an 8-row stitching on the mat to prevent it from being torn.

Safety Pads for Proper Cushioning

As a parent, you may be a bit worried about the springs and frame because they’re supposed to be very hard to keep them from falling apart but Upper Bounce covers these hard parts with safety pads that actually work.

The strong safety pads feature a 1-inch thick layer of EPE foam, which is very dense and offers excellent sock absorbent features. This closed-cell foam won’t absorb mildew or water, and will never go out of shape. Then there’re 450 grams of PVC on the top while another 310 grams of PE make up the bottom layer.

Upper Bounce Trampoline

Superb Safety Enclosures

All good trampoline models come with safety enclosures, but some enclosures are more effective than others. Take the safety enclosure from Upper Bounce as an example of one that really works. It’s high enough to offer real protection, and the entry comes with dual closure with buckles and zipper. The safety net is very strong as it’s made from 100% premium Terylene mesh material. The gaps are also intentionally small and minimal, so children don’t have accidents when their legs slip through the gaps.

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Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the Upper Bounce trampoline:

  • It offers a wide variety of sizes. The smallest is 7.5 feet in diameter, and the height of the frame is only an inch over 2 feet. This version can hold up to 250 pounds. There are also other sizes measuring 12, 14, 15, and 16 feet in diameter, and these can carry up to 330 pounds.
  • The safety features are functional. Taken together, these safety features truly minimize the chances of any accidents that can result in a serious injury. Of course, you also need to take precautions of your own. There should be adult supervision all the time, as children on their own may do fooling tricks like doing somersaults. And jumping on the trampoline should be done one at a time, as kids who jump together increase the chances of an accident considerably.
  • It will last for a very long time. That’s another benefit that not all trampolines can provide, as many don’t really last long. Upper Bounce recognizes that sometimes you really need to just store some of the components during the winter, which is why some of the parts are easy to disassemble. And the manufacturer also offers weather covers for protection to ensure that the trampoline doesn’t wear down very quickly.

Even something as great as the Upper Bounce trampoline also has its drawbacks:

  • It’s a little pricey. The small 7.5-foot version costs less than $300, but the bigger ones can be expensive. The 16-foot version costs almost $500. Of course, when you consider all its features and capabilities, you will realize that the price is worth the expense.
  • Sometimes the seller may not offer the best units. This means you have to be careful as to which seller you buy from. Buy only from a reputable seller especially if you’re going to order it online to avoid receiving a damaged or used a trampoline.

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Buying Guide – How to Choose an Upper Bounce Trampoline

If you plan on shopping for an item from Upper Bounce Trampoline, here are some tips that can help you find your perfect match:

1. Choose between Kiddie vs. Mini-Rebounders vs. Regular Trampolines

What kind of trampoline do you need? Upper Bounce offers three kinds of this equipment so you can find the right product that will meet your needs.

2. Pick a Suitable Shape

If you’re going for a regular trampoline, Upper Bounce offers round and rectangular types. The right shape for you depends on the activities that you intend to do on the equipment. Round ones, however, tend to be more popular.

3. Decide on the Size

Trampolines are not small in size. You also can’t just store them in a closet. This is why choosing the right size for you is essential. It shouldn’t just fit in your backyard or wherever you intend to place it. It should also be safely positioned to reduce the risks of injuries. Make sure to keep these in mind and you’ll be able to find the right trampoline size for you.

4. Consider the Weight Limit

While Upper Bounce trampolines have generous weight limits in general, you should still make sure to look into this detail to ensure your safety. Smaller units tend to have lower weight capacity so you should keep that in mind if you’re eyeing a small trampoline.

5. Be Particular with the Safety Features

User safety should be the top priority for every buyer as trampolines come with many dangers. As Upper Bounce Trampolines come in different designs and packages, you might also want to closely look into the available safety features in every item. This way, you can be sure that you’ll only have fun with this purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many springs are there?

That depends on the size of the trampoline you’re getting. The smallest has 42 springs, the 12-foot version has 72, the 14 and 15 footers have 96, and the 14-foot version has 108 springs.

How high is the frame?

The 7.5-foot version is 25 inches high. All the rest are 34 inches off the ground.

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Final Verdict

The Upper Bounce trampoline is equipped with excellent safety features that will protect your children from injury, as long as they use it properly. You can also expect this trampoline to last you for many years. Get the Upper Bounce trampoline if you want something that will give you more bang for your buck and more importantly if you value your children’s safety.

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